Thursday, March 20, 2014

Still here

Been off the net for awhile. We spent two weeks in George Town, the cruising hub of the Exhumas. Probably over 200 boats, lots of people meet and lots of activities. Beach volleyball got the better of us, and dune surfing was big with the kids. Above picture was taken by a friend, we're the furthest boat in the shot. Just a short update this time.


  1. JB, Please call TEZ. Job Posted, Ops Research Analyst, 1515 series. Closes out 12 May 2014.
    Good Luck,
    Dan Nolan

  2. Seeing your website for the first time. Excellent adventure! Love the website. Our family did a similar voyage between Annapolis, MD and Georgetown Bahamas on a catamaran in 2003-2004. We now own a Fantasia 35 (1979, Hull #59) named Mystic in Oriental, NC. Sorry we missed you when you came through this area. We are preparing Mystic for long range cruising. Would love to hear more about your experiences cruising on Quartet. Particularly interested in pros & cons of sailing the shallow Bahamas banks on a Fantasia 35. Will monitor the website for new stories.
    Fair winds,
    Brunson & Susie Russum
    S/V Mysitc